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Meet the all-new Suzuki ACROSS, with its stunning SUV design, impressive fuel efficiency and sporty performance, it boasts one of the longest electric-only driving ranges of any plug-in hybrid, covering up to 46 miles.


The Suzuki ACROSS is a confident and capable SUV with state of the art 4-wheel drive as standard giving exceptional performance with whatever adventure you throw at it. 4x4 is at the heart of Suzuki and the ACROSS makes no exception with confident handling and increased control on the road.

For added control on slippery road surfaces like ice and rain, choose Trail Mode for additional grip. If it detects the ACROSS losing control, the system kicks in to redirect torque from the wheels losing grip, to the ones that aren’t. Trail Mode helps you feel confident and keeps you moving even in the most adverse conditions.


Robust, sporty and equipped with a sophisticated Plug-in Hybrid system, the ACROSS is sleek and striking. Choose from one of four driving modes for an exhilarating drive that’s as fun as it is superior in fuel efficiency: EV MODE (Select EV mode for pure electric driving), EV/HV MODE (Choose Auto EV/HV mode for power boosts from the petrol motor when required), BATTERY CHARGER MODE (Engage battery charger mode for exclusive petrol power to recharge the battery).

The ACROSS proves that eco-friendly doesn’t mean you’re skimping on performance either. A powerful 2.5 litre petrol engine producing 180bhp and top speed of 111mph when combined with the accompanying electric motors, means you also get a quick response throttle, smooth acceleration and uncompromising driving performance. Of course, no Hybrid is complete without a reduction in harmful emissions with CO2 output of just 22g/km combined. You can rest assured that you’re doing your bit for the environment as well as your pocket, with very low fuel costs.


Want to give your ACROSS the personal touch? Then take a look at our stylish range of colours and find a shade that’s perfect for you.


The body features SUV wheel arches, prominent side mouldings and large open front grille, which alongside features such as LED headlamps with a bi-beam projector (combining low and high beams), LED Daytime Running Lights and premium quality 19" alloy wheels with black gloss coating and a distinctive polished face make for a characteristic SUV toughness and sporty front face that you’ll love.

A 9" touchscreen display, electric parking brake, 7" LCD multi-information display, kick operation/wireless remote tailgate opener and heated seats and steering wheel add a high level of convenience technology which makes for a premium SUV travel experience.